Changing Your AC Unit

Choosing The AC For Your Home

Air conditioners often last for 10 to 20 years depending on the quality and type of system. If you notice that your AC is not keeping your house cool, it could be time to replace the unit before spending money on repairs.

Some signs include Low cooling capacity, high electricity bills, strange sounds when running, constant breakdowns, or when the compressor or condenser begins leaking.

It’s important to replace your air conditioner in time because if it breaks in the middle of summer you will need an AC to survive until it is fixed. Replacing old air conditioners with energy-efficient units has become more affordable than ever with rebates and financing options offered by energy companies.

To avoid costly repairs and a lack of cooling in the summer you should have your air conditioner inspected each year before the season begins. The HVAC technician will be able to help you determine if it is time to have a new unit installed or if minor adjustments can get your old AC running again.


Asking For A Professional Advice

Having an air conditioning unit in your home or business is a must in the summertime, but depending on how old it is, you may want to consider purchasing new AC units. If you just go out and buy the cheapest one at the store, you could be sorry later on when it doesn’t keep your home cool enough or breaks down much sooner than expected.

Before you purchase a new air conditioning unit, think about the quality of the product and how much your home is going to need to be done with it to keep it cooled down all summer long. If you have a large house or office building, you should consider buying two or more units so that they can keep each room cool at all times.

You will need to be careful when choosing what size unit you want for your home because if it is too small, it won’t do the job and if it is too big, you could end up paying too much on your electric bill each month. You can search online or ask a friend with air conditioners how many BTUs you will need for your square footage and it will help you figure out what size unit you should get. You can also have a professional AC technician come to your home so they can verify the BTUs of your old air conditioner and tell you how many units you might need to keep your house cool during the summer.


Should Your Replace Or Repair

The need for an air conditioner is an unfortunate reality of the modern world. With global warming leading to hotter (and more humid) summers, homeowners are now forced to deal with a relatively new problem: how to get cool during the day without spending a fortune on electricity.

In some cases, there may be a legitimate cause for owners to get rid of their air conditioning units entirely. This is especially true if the home was built without central air conditioning in mind, or if the system doesn’t have any ductwork that can be used for cooled air to circulate throughout the entire house.

However, even an old unit that lacks these features might still have some life left in it – making it unnecessary to buy a costly replacement.

If you are wondering whether or not your air conditioner can be repaired, take these basic steps for inspection:

– Turn the power off at the source (either the breaker box or the unit itself).

– Open up any access panels on the unit. Get rid of any dirt that has built up over the years.

– Look for rust, corrosion, or other visible damage to the unit’s components. If it cannot be repaired, you’ll need to buy a replacement ASAP before the next hot spell hits. Otherwise, your home could turn into an oven.

Take note of any loose belts or hoses that are not firmly attached to the air conditioning unit. Fixing these as soon as possible could be the difference between a fully functional air conditioner and one that starts having internal problems during the next heatwave.