Courtney McIlvoy Horne

In recognition of #GivingTuesday, With Purpose will be highlighting four of our spectacular youth advocates. In this post, Courtney McIlvoy Horne discusses how With Purpose shaped her as a person.

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How did you first get involved with With Purpose?
I co-founded a student-led chapter of With Purpose, With Purpose: College Station, during my freshman year at A&M through a service learning project.

 What has being a part of With Purpose taught you?
It sounds cheesy, but being part of With Purpose taught me that you can do anything you put your mind to if you surround yourself with the right people and support. When we started With Purpose: College Station, it was just a small group of us, mostly freshmen, but we were able to pull it all off together through hard work and collaboration. My best friends in college were part of With Purpose: College Station.

What makes With Purpose special?
The culture of empowerment. We really made an effort to utilize peoples' strengths and interests for the good of With Purpose. People were empowered to come out of their shells and show the community what they could do, all for a good cause.

 Do you think With Purpose has empowered you? How?
Yes - With Purpose leadership extended a lot of trust in the beginning and gave us room to grow and evolve our chapter authentically. Through With Purpose, I learned more about my strengths, weaknesses, and interests, which helped shape me as a person.

 What does the word “spark” mean to you?
An idea, a jolt of energy, inspiration, motivation...


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