Mikey Dombrowiecki

In recognition of #GivingTuesday, With Purpose will be highlighting four of our spectacular youth advocates. In this post, Mikey Dombrowiecki discusses how With Purpose shaped him as a person.

Meet Mikey.

Meet Mikey.

What has being a part of With Purpose taught you?

Being a part of With Purpose has taught me so much. I’ve learned that it does not matter your age, size, or social status to make a difference in this world. In March of 2018, I was able to be a part of breaking a World Record for building the largest Lincoln Log structure and helped raise more than $30,000! I also ran a 5-mile race in my hometown in New Jersey in honor of With Purpose. In a few short weeks of fundraising, I was able to raise around $1,500. With Purpose has shown me it only takes a dream and a desire to make a difference. It’s amazing to see how many people will support you when you work with a group of people who want to make a change in the world.

 What makes With Purpose special?

With Purpose is extremely special to me and will always hold a place so near and dear to my heart. I think what makes it most special to me is knowing I am making a difference in the world of pediatric cancer. Whether its raising money, breaking world records or reaching out to my local community about the lack of funding for pediatric cancer research, it is a heartwarming feeling to know my work is making a difference to others across the world. Not to mention, to work side by side with the founders of With Purpose makes the experience that much better. To be a part of Mike and Erin’s story and to continue to help them make this organization grow is one of the greatest parts of With Purpose. 

What does the word “spark” mean to you?

The word spark to me means empowerment. When I think of a “spark”, I think about a “spark of energy.” And for me, when I get a spark of energy, it usually leads me to a new accomplishment. It could be a small “spark” such as, “I want to get my homework done before 10pm” or something bigger. My most recent “spark” occurred on Sunday. I want to run the New York City Marathon and raise money and run in honor of With Purpose. I want to show the biggest city in America what With Purpose is and what we are all about!

Do you think With Purpose has empowered you?

With Purpose has most definitely empowered me. Because of With Purpose, I know that I am capable of conquering anything I set my mind to. With Purpose has also empowered me by the people I have had the opportunity to meet along the way. Being able to hear Erin and Mike’s story, seeing With Purpose become active on campuses across the country, and to see the progression towards future treatments for cancer research has brought a new light into my life. With Purpose has empowered me to make a change, not only in cancer research, but for society and for myself. When I graduate college in May, With Purpose has helped me know I want to work in the healthcare field. I want to educate others about cancer. I want to be an advocate for doctors, physicians, government officials, hospitals, and families and be a part of making progress in the pediatric cancer field.



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