Brendan Richard

This month, we feature a post from recent high school graduate and professional photographer Brendan Richard on his experience serving as a photographer for the With Purpose Fight for 5K & Fun Run.  To learn more about Brendan and see his incredible work, please visit his website or follow him on Instagram


My name is Brendan Richard.  I am 18 years old and a very recent high school graduate. I am also a wedding, portrait, and event photographer! I love being able to capture the moments and times that make you smile, laugh and remember a moment forever. I love that I am able to do this for With Purpose!  

Being a cousin to Sam, this inspiration for With Purpose, it hit hard when I found out that he had passed.  I wanted to help in some way, but couldn't think of how. Erin came to me and asked me to take photos for the With Purpose Fight for 5K & Fun Run, and I was beyond thrilled to capture the event. Being able to witness the flame of love that Sam spread through the kids and adults in our neighborhood and see it turn into a wildfire is amazing to me! I love that I can intertwine my passion and With Purpose, not only to bring awareness but also to take photos that capture the love that Sam spread through all of us.

The best part of being the photographer for the Fight for 5K & Fun Run is seeing all of the smiling faces, being able to capture them in a photo, share with people how much this means to us, and see the love that has spread. With Purpose has changed my perspective on childhood cancer,  how devastating it can be and how important it is to us to spread awareness.

Having the privilege to shoot the Fight for 5K & Fun Run has opened my eyes to how much love and happiness can spread. I still remember reading books to Sam in his room and witnessing how happy he was.  “I am Happy."  Those were some of Sam's final words and I will carry those three little words with me for the rest of my life.  It has changed my life forever.


Check out a few of Brendan's photos below taken at the 2018 Fight for 5K & Fun Run.

Erin Benson