Abbigail Edwards

This month, we feature a post from high school AND college student and future politician Abbigail Edwards on what she has learned through advocating on behalf of families battling cancer, and how she has honed her voice by launching a chapter of With Purpose at her high school.


My name is Abbigail and I'm currently a senior at Tallmadge high school as well as a sophomore at Kent State University. I've been working on my bachelors degree in business management, but once I obtain my degree I want to go right into law school. In the long run I want to work for the government or hold an elected position. This past election, I worked closely with a candidate for the House of Representatives who ended up getting elected so I'm hoping I can work on his next campaign.

I got involved with With Purpose because I felt for the families and saw how little representation they and their children receive.  It's crazy to think that this hasn't been a bigger issue as it's affecting our future generations. The statistics surrounding childhood cancer research is another main contributor to me joining With Purpose.  Childhood cancer research is underfunded and every year thousands of kids are dying from cancer. Once you actually show people the statistics and break it down is when people begin to see the actual problem. No one ever assumes things are as bad as they are.

As a With Purpose advocate I have really enjoyed being able to use my creativity to make my school and community aware of our work and purpose, as well as being able to plan events and help out in my community more and in different ways. I'm learning how to deal with all the different personalities and views of our members and trying to make a cohesive group that shares one mission.

Being an advocate for With Purpose has definitely impacted my life. I believe that everyone has a group of people in life who they will advocate for/ fight for and we all need to find that group. When I joined With Purpose I found that my people are the families and the children who are and have been affected by childhood cancer. I was also able to see that although I may be one person I can create a voice louder than me that has the capability to encourage others to advocate for the issues they believe in, whether that is With Purpose or another organization or cause.

Erin Benson