Amanda Rabalais

Amanda Rabalais WP LSU.jpg

I learned about With Purpose through the 2018 PRSSA Bateman Competition. My team and I developed and implemented a month-long campaign promoting and raising money for With Purpose. Through this process, my team and I founded the LSU chapter of With Purpose, and we are so happy to see it grow, even beyond our graduation!

 Though we initially became involved with With Purpose through chance (With Purpose was assigned to us by PRSSA), I like to see it as fate, because I am now so passionate about the cause. During our campaign, we met with so many individuals who were personally affected by pediatric cancer, and after hearing Sam’s story and meeting Erin, we were especially touched and motivated to fight the Fight for Five.

Even though we’ve graduated, we still remain close with the LSU With Purpose chapter. My hope as a founder is to see it continue to grow, thrive, and connect on LSU’s campus. What makes this campus organization so uniquely special is that it ties together students of any discipline. Rarely do you see an organization that can bring together biochemical engineering majors and creative writing majors alike. I’m so excited to see the community that can grow through this organization.

Erin Benson