Lindsey Paul

WPCS Lindsey Paul.jpg

I heard about With Purpose College Station through a university wide mass email. I normally ignore about 99% of these emails and don't ever open them. At the time I was a sophomore here at Texas A&M and was looking for a more personal organization to join. Once I joined it turns out a classmate of mine that I was working on a research project with was already a member. Through WP we have become really close, and we've been living together for a year now! We've also both gone from general members to Event Planning Team Leaders together. 

I initially got involved with WP due to it aligning with my future career path as a Biomedical Sciences major with a certificate in research. However, after the first general meeting where Erin video called our chapter and told us her story and the WP story I immediately realized this wasn't going to be a resume building organization for me. I felt very called upon to pick up and carry Erin's message down here in College Station, Texas.

To me With Purpose is this mix of activism and friendship. Through the community service activities, semester marquee events, profit shares, and other functions real friendships have been made. For me particularly, I gained a lot of my friendships through joining the leadership team. In my team, EP, there are three leaders and we all have a very like minded goal of creating organized user friendly events that raise both awareness and fund to send to WP national. Going into the future of WP we're working on creating or utilizing more events.- taking the groundwork that we've learned and enhancing it. Even though after each event we feel nearly burnt out from pouring our hearts into these events each semester we come back just wanting to do more. 

Erin Benson