Maggie Boyd

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Ever since I started college, I’d been looking for a project that would make a difference. Something that I felt passionate about and that I could give my all. I first heard of With Purpose in the Fall of 2017 during the first semester of my communication class with Mike Lee. I attended their Lincoln Logs for Sam event in the Spring of 2018. This was my first experience seeing first-hand the great reach and passion that With Purpose and its supporters have. It was wonderful meeting With Purpose supporters at the event and hearing their stories about their experiences with the organization and the family that started it all. So, when my friend Abbie started talking about founding a chapter at the College of Charleston, I knew I 100% wanted to be involved.

Over the next few months, I met with Erin multiple times. Each time we talked, I became more and more excited about what With Purpose stands for and my passion for the cause continued to grow. As our chapter began to work to get the word out about what we do, I realized that I had found the focus that I had been hoping for. I love advocating for our chapter and seeing students’ compassion grow when I explain the origin of With Purpose and how its founders have taken a terrible loss and turned it into optimism and kindness that has reached so many.

With Purpose has the power to bring people from all kinds of backgrounds together. It appeals to so many interests, from Communication all the way to Biochemistry. It has provided me with the opportunity to form connections in the Charleston community and within the College. It has given me a purpose. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the national organization as well as the College’s chapter; I know it will be fantastic.

Erin Benson