Lizzie Howell

This month, we feature a post from recent college graduate and social media wiz Lizzie Howell on her experience both helping With Purpose improve and grow their impact on social media AND leading a public relations campaign designed to activate a new community of supporters at the University of South Carolina.  


My name is Lizzie Howell, and I recently graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in public relations. As a high school student with no discernable career aspirations, I often joked with friends that my dream job would be to tweet for a living. Once I arrived at USC and realized that I would be able to take a class pertaining specifically to social media, I jumped at the chance to enroll. During the class, my professor notified me of an internship opportunity with With Purpose as their Social Media and Community Outreach Intern. Though I was unfamiliar with the organization at the time, I was eager to gain digital media experience and intrigued by the nonprofit sector. What started as a way to bolster my resume has since become a significant part of my life, both professionally and personally. Not only have I gained valuable, hands-on experience in my intended career path, I’ve become increasingly passionate about childhood cancer advocacy. 

From working for With Purpose as an intern to working on behalf of the organization in the 2018 PRSSA Bateman Competition, the best part of my time with this organization has been the opportunity to see the extensive and significant impact that can come from a true grassroots effort. Organizations like With Purpose and the volunteers that comprise them are proof that we can all be change-makers, both in our communities and in our country, no matter how young we may be. Working with With Purpose has shown me that no effort is insignificant in the fight against childhood cancer and that fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. 

Erin Benson