Laura Kane Scher Photography

Laura Kane Scher Photography

From Laura Scher, owner of  Laura Kane Scher Photography and With Purpose advocate:

Last spring I decided to join forces with Erin & Mike Lee and their organization With Purpose to raise money for the advancement of Childhood Cancer Treatment. I knew after meeting and photographing their son Sam Lee and my other friend Evan Thornton, two children who's lives didn't need to end so young that I needed to live my life and do my work With Purpose every day. So I am happy to tell you all that today I am putting a check for $500 in the mail as my donation to With Purpose I earned that money with the help of some really beautiful clients. I thank you all and I challenge you all to also live your lives With Purpose.

With Purpose is honored to have partners like Laura.  To see more of her work, please click here.

On Ideas

From Erin, founder of With Purpose:

I first met West Herford, a managing partner at On Ideas, in 2009 when I moved to Charleston, SC. I had recently graduated with a Masters in Communication and wanted to move into a market research role, but had no experience. West gave me a shot by referring me to a group trying to assess the financial feasibility of launching a new gym and thus launched my career as a market researcher. I am certain I am not the only person whose career West has launched.

More than four years later I called West again, this time with a very different request. My son, Sam, had recently been diagnosed with a type of terminal brain cancer called DIPG. After the initial shock wave cleared, my husband and I began asking WHY? Why couldn’t modern medicine save our 2-year-old son? Why were there no options for treatment? Why was there no hope? The answers to those questions presented themselves with a little research. Childhood cancers are underfunded, both at a governmental and private level. Because of this, only 3 new treatments have been FDA approved in the last 30 years for ALL forms of childhood cancer. In other words, Sam was being offered the same course of treatment I would have been prescribed had I been diagnosed at his age.  We were shocked by the state of treatment for childhood cancer treatment in the US and decided to fight the only way we could…by raising money for research and ensuring future children have access to better options than we did. 

Having worked in market research I knew branding and a web presence were not just important, they were essential to the long-term success of our infant organization. I called West with no real expectations, just hoping to start a dialogue about what we needed to do to be effective. The response I got was overwhelming; On Ideas wanted to help us with branding, web development and social media planning pro bono!  Just 6 months after the idea for the nonprofit was sketched on a napkin, With Purpose became a beautifully branded organization with a fully functional, brilliantly designed website thanks to West and his gifted team at On Ideas.

The James Gang of Keller Williams

The James Gang of Keller Williams

 “There is way more to life than just money and personal gain. I look at my 2 year old son Jase and I can see the inspiration for With him.  I believe that we do not need a reason to help someone and I want my son to see that I not only believe this but LIVE it.” - Jeremy James, With Purpose advocate

When Jeremy James, head realtor for The James Gang of Keller Williams and friend of With Purpose founders Erin and Mike, learned the reality behind the lack of progress in treatment for childhood cancer, he took action.  After learning Erin and Mike were starting a nonprofit, Jeremy reached out with an offer – he would like to donate 5% of every commission he earned. To date, Jeremy has given more than $5,000 to help advance treatment for kids with cancer and he has inspired his friends Erin and Mike and his community.  

Buying or selling a home is no small feat and selecting a person to help you through the process is a big decision.  By choosing Jeremy, you can feel good about the integrity of the person you entrust with the sale or purchase of your home AND you can help advance treatments for children all over the country fighting cancer.