“There is way more to life than just money and personal gain. I look at my 2 year old son Jase and I can see the inspiration for With Purpose...in him.  I believe that we do not need a reason to help someone and I want my son to see that I not only believe this but LIVE it.” - Jeremy James, With Purpose advocate

When Jeremy James, head realtor for The James Gang of Keller Williams and friend of With Purpose founders Erin and Mike, learned the reality behind the lack of progress in treatment for childhood cancer, he took action.  After learning Erin and Mike were starting a nonprofit, Jeremy reached out with an offer – he would like to donate 5% of every commission he earned. To date, Jeremy has given more than $5,000 to help advance treatment for kids with cancer and he has inspired his friends Erin and Mike and his community.  

Buying or selling a home is no small feat and selecting a person to help you through the process is a big decision.  By choosing Jeremy, you can feel good about the integrity of the person you entrust with the sale or purchase of your home AND you can help advance treatments for children all over the country fighting cancer.