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Sam loved building.  If he didn't have a toy to build with, he would find something else...like pillows or books.  I remember taking him to the public library and watching him pull book after book off the shelf and create a masterful book tower.  The day before he died, he built an entire Lincoln Log frontier fort.  So we want to build something in honor of Sam.  Do you want to help?

With Purpose is going to break the world records for the largest and tallest Lincoln Log build in honor of Sam.  We have an architectural firm that has volunteered to design the build.  Now we just need 20,000 Lincoln Logs.  Can you help us by donating your old Lincoln Logs or by ordering some on Amazon and sending them to us?  

We hope to complete the build in September to coincide with Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  Stay tuned for more information on the event and contact Erin at erin@with-purpose.org with any questions.

More about With Purpose:

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death from disease among children in the U.S. Today, 1 in 5 kids diagnosed with cancer will not survive. For many pediatric cancers, there has been little to no advancement for treatment since the 1970's. With Purpose attacks three distinct pain points in the complex problem of advancing treatment for kids with cancer and, in turn, giving families hope for a better future.

With Purpose launched in 2014 as an attempt to advance treatment for childhood cancer. The founders of the organization had no idea it would be young people that would mobilize their communities and shape what With Purpose has become. Our youthful volunteers have created a movement out to shape the way the next generation thinks about pediatric cancer treatment. Visit our website to learn more about what our young advocates are doing. 

 Sam's last Lincoln Log build...

Sam's last Lincoln Log build...