Our Mission

With Purpose is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making sure kids with cancer have access to safe, effective treatment options.  We advocate for families affected by childhood cancer, empower young leaders across the country to take action, and invest in ground-breaking initiatives that remove barrier to advancing treatment for pediatric cancer.  

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"This experience helped me become a better person."

— Rachel Olson, With Purpose Youth Advocate


When With Purpose started, we never expected the young people in our life to take up the cause and transform it into a movement.  Over the past three years, we have seen elementary school students spend their summer planning a neighborhood fun run raising more than $10,000; we have seen a group of college freshman transform a group project into a full-fledged student organization with more than 50 members; we have seen high school students inspire their community to give more than $125,000 to our mission in just one week.  

We can say with confidence we are on the brink of something truly phenomenal.  Educating and empowering young people is the best investment we can make in the fight against childhood cancer.  The next generation of leaders will absolutely change the story for kids with cancer.


Watch and see how one group of high school students activated their community!