"Out of my time at Texas A&M, With Purpose: College Station is what I am most proud of.  Not only have I made some of my best friends...but it's something that I want to stay a part of for my entire life."  Courtney McIlvoy, 21

A group of students at Texas A&M University took their passion for a topic introduced through a public speaking course and turned it into a full-fledged student-led chapter of With Purpose.  In less than two years, they have successfully executed more than a dozen fundraisers and educated thousands of people in their community about the barriers preventing the development of new safe and effective treatments for kids with cancer.  

To learn more about their inspiring efforts, please visit their website.  

If you are interested in starting your own student-led chapter of With Purpose, you can read advice from the leadership team here or email Erin at erin@with-purpose.org.